#5 Full Communion … it’s not just a meal, but a relationship

In this episode, we talk about the meaning behind Full Communion, “Called to Common Mission” with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We hear from the Rev. Anne Kyle about her ministry as an Episcopal priest serving not one but two congregations, one Episcopal and one ELCA.

“According to this agreement, The Episcopal Church and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America “discovered their unity in the gospel and commitment to the mission to which God calls the church of Jesus Christ in every generation. Unity and mission are organically linked in the Body of Christ, the church. All baptized people are called to lives of faithful witness and service in the name of Jesus. Indeed, the baptized are nourished and sustained by Christ as encountered in Word and Sacrament. Our search for a fuller expression of visible unity is for the sake of living and sharing the gospel. Unity and mission are at the heart of the church’s life, reflecting thereby an obedient response to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

An Agreement of Full Communion – Called to Common Mission

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