All Things … Episcopal

All Things … Episcopal is a platform to talk about the Episcopal faith and to introduce some basics about the Episcopal Church, including why we do some of the things we do that may sometimes be a mystery (or even an obstacle) to those new to our church. The intended audience for this podcast is college students and young adults, especially those who may be coming from outside our faith tradition.

Latest podcasts

  • #6 It’s not just pew aerobics, it’s personal and corporate piety

    #6 It’s not just pew aerobics, it’s personal and corporate piety

    In this episode … we talk about personal and corporate piety. Why we do the things we do. It is not just pew aerobics; it is reverence for God. However, in the Episcopal Church, not every parish will have the same exact piety in a worship service, nor will everyone have the same personal piety. Piety is less about doing the “right thing” and more about how to show reverence or respect to the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and your growth in relationship with the Triune God.


  • #5 Full Communion … it’s not just a meal, but a relationship

    #5 Full Communion … it’s not just a meal, but a relationship

    In this episode, we talk about the meaning behind Full Communion, “Called to Common Mission” with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We hear from the Rev. Anne Kyle about her ministry as an Episcopal priest serving not one but two congregations, one Episcopal and one ELCA.


  • #4 Belonging, believing, and becoming the Church of the future

    #4 Belonging, believing, and becoming the Church of the future

    In this episode, we hear from two college students in Springfield, Missouri who talk about finding their way to the Episcopal Church and what lead them to make the decision to be confirmed in the church.


  • #3 Hope for the Church

    #3 Hope for the Church

    In this episode, we hear from Danni Valencia Montoya, a young adult member of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral. She speaks to us about hope for the future of the Church as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and what gives her hope during the Easter season.


  • #2 Daily Office

    #2 Daily Office

    In this episode, we talk about prayer and one of the ways Episcopalians engage in a prayer practice. We explore the daily office and how to use the Book of Common Prayer to move through the Daily Office.


We want to introduce the Episcopal Church from multiple perspectives and with different voices, utilizing social media to find out what questions students may have about who we are and what we do. Guest speakers, including college students from around our diocese, are already being scheduled for future sessions.

We do not currently have a physical presence on college campuses in our diocese, but we think podcasting offers a great opportunity to meet young adults where they are and share our faith in a way that is personal, comfortable, and always accessible.

We hope that these sessions will be a bridge to connect college students with local parishes and with other young adults.

For more information and to suggest a topic or pose a question, please visit our suggestions and questions page.

Our hosts

The Rev. David Kendrick — St John’s Episcopal Church, Springfield, the Rev. Collin Larimore — Grace Episcopal Church, Carthage, and Clare Stern-Burbano — Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City host sessions that include conversations, interviews, and even an occasional sermon.

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